Jude Rittenhouse, M.A. Counseling, NKH, Writer, Teacher, Consultant

Integrated Healing: The way home ... to wholeness.

Integrated Healing

The word "healing" comes from the Old English word haelen, meaning: To make whole. Integrated Healing helps people hear their deepest questions and longings. It then guides them to their wise answers, supporting them as they create more satisfying, smooth-flowing, fulfilling lives. 

Our Work

Our work together may include NKH, Expressive Arts, The Power of Words, Attachment & Trauma work, Somatic/Body Awareness, Embodied Meditation and Breathwork practices, EFT, Reiki/Energy work, Dream work, Family Constellations and other holistic practices. Jude Rittenhouse M.A. Counseling, NKH, Writer, Teacher in Rhode Island.

Becoming the person you long to be.

This work is an extremely kind, compassionate and organic way to reconnect with whatever has split off, become fragmented or disconnected, and bring it back into harmony, unity, wholeness. 

Spirit Mind Body

About Jude Rittenhouse

For over twenty-five years, Jude has worked to help people discover and use their own abilities to achieve positive change and growth. In all of her work, she strives to empower others while supporting them through their unique individual growth processes. 

Colleagues have said:

"Jude's own healing journey has taken her to places that most of us never go. What that means for those lucky enough to work with her is that they'll encounter a deeply sensitive, engaged and insightful woman who will guide them compassionately through the twists and turns of the healing process toward a profound level of wholeness. Jude embodies the qualities that, as a practitioner myself, I most value in other healers. -Susan Van Drie, LICSW, holistic psychotherapist and healer

"Jude's deep compassion and ability to be present with all emotions creates a safe place to fully express yourself. Her authenticity allows her clients to be deeply seen, heard and fully welcomed. She is a seasoned healer and teacher, willing to walk the healing path with you. It is a gift to know Jude as a dear friend and healer for many years." -Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW, LMT, RM, Transformational Healer & Mindfulness Teacher

The commitment you've been longing to make to yourself.

Some seek to connect with their passion, purpose, and inner wisdom. Some want to deepen their self-realization and enlightenment. Some want more satisfying relationships in their lives. For those who feel that stress, anxiety, fear, depression, or other people control too much of their time, this work can expand their possibilities.

What Clients Have Said

"This is what it feels like to be whole, to have loving kindness toward every part of me." E.B.

"I find the Nondual Kabbalistic Healing process seems to move these big blocks of stuck energy in a relatively short amount of time - like psychotherapy on steroids." N.G., LMFT

"This felt like waves of letting go and opening, like being held in God's hands, like safety. It felt monumental." M.H.

"It feels like something that was taken away from me has been returned." K.S.

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